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We work with medical staff to empower them to connect, invent, continuously gain new skills and to become altered and evolved versions of themselves.We aim to unite ecosystem players' efforts to create a personalised healthcare system that takes datadriven decisions in impl menting digital health, wellbeing, and diagnostics solutions.

“Empower tomorrow's health tech visionaries! Our mentors: catalysts for innovation, architects of success.”
- Justina Klyviene
Founder of Future Leadership and Health Tech Accelerator.

What We Expect

Role Model

Mentors in a Health Tech accelerator are expected to embody the essence of innovation and success within the health tech domain, possessing expertise in business development and leadership areas. They serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating firsthand the qualities, strategies, and accomplishments that aspiring entrepreneurs can strive towards.

Time Commitment

For mentors, dedicating up to 1 hour per week is essential to provide consistent guidance and support. This timeframe is specifically allocated for scheduled meetings, discussions, or feedback sessions, during which mentors offer personalized advice, share insights, and help navigate challenges.

Sharing Resources

Mentorship encompasses the exchange of valuable resources, including industry connections, relevant networks, educational materials, and access to specialised tools and platforms. Mentors contribute their extensive knowledge, offering mentees both tangible assets and intangible guidance to expedite the progress of their startups.

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Our Mentors

Minds Behind

Ruta Pumputiene
Darius Mardosas
Povilas Sabaliauskas
Nicky Agahari

Our Results

Sharing Our

Explore thriving startups that found success with our accelerator's support.

Innosensus is adapting already verified biosensor platform for glutamate detection and using various technics to work with gluten..

DiaWiser is an AI solution empowering patients with chronic illnesses to make informed decisions about their health. It is a standalone solution that provides actionable clinically accurate personalized insights to diabetic patients

Personalised supplements for women based on their menstrual cycle specifics. Designed for womenwho care about their health and want to solve problems related to hormonal imbalance.

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