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About Us

We're engaging entrepreneurs and stakeholders in co-creating a Health Tech ecosystem in Lithuania.

Our mission is to facilitate the emergence of innovative health technology companies and to contribute to the future of health in collaboration with a wide range of private and public partners.

Why Us

Shaping the Industry


We provide extensive innovation training designed to fast-track health tech innovations. It is an intensive 7-week program for entrepreneurs and health tech enthusiasts.


Our accelerator program is designed to provide unparalleled mentorship from seasoned industry experts to guide you through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.


Our accelerator's network provides excellent opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and growth. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors to advance your business.

Future Skills

Future-ready skills development is the cornerstone of our accelerator. Alongside technical skills, we foster
adaptability, resilience and innovative thinking empowering you to navigate the health tech domain.

If you want to change the future you can start by creating it.

Health Tech Ecosystem

We connect entrepreneurs, investors, established companies, institutions and hospitals into transformative community driving enhancements in health technology.

Global From Inception

Dive into a world of international business from the start of your entrepreneurship journey, gaining invaluable insights and strategies on how to successfully enter and navigate global markets


Our accelerator fosters a vibrant community where collaboration and knowledge-sharing thrive. Entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts create a supportive network to co-create together.

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Unlock synergies and drive innovation as our partner! Join us in shaping the future of healthcare.

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Elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs and share your wealth of industry expertise and make a lasting impact.

Our Results

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IT Specialists
Doctors and Nurses
Long Term Membership
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Innosensus is adapting already verified biosensor platform for glutamate detection and using various technics to work with gluten..

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DiaWiser is an AI solution empowering patients with chronic illnesses to make informed decisions about their health. It is a standalone solution that provides actionable clinically accurate personalized insights to diabetic patients

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Personalised supplements for women based on their menstrual cycle specifics. Designed for womenwho care about their health and want to solve problems related to hormonal imbalance.

Our Mentors

Diverse experts making worldwide impact

Explore our community of experts, committed to guiding and empowering entrepreneurs on their journey to global success.

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